"He's appeared for the first time in ten years... The irregular hand shaker". - Midori, after viewing Yukiya's live stream.

Midori Okuike 奥池みどり is the heir of a prestigious company. He is a Hand Shaker introduced earlier in the series, and his partner is his butler, Seba.

Just like the other Hand Shakers Midori is introduced as a antagonist trying to claim the power that Yukiya possess so that he can meet God and get his wish granted. But it is later revealed that he is trying to increase the potential of resources with the aid of Yukiya in order to become a God himself.

It is revealed that he is the one that leaked the Yukiya's personal information and that he is also the composer. He later uses Haruka as a ploy to get Yukiya to help him with his plan but it ultimately fails.

Later on in the series it is shown that Midori has already came into contact with God and his wish was to bring resources out of the Ziggurat which was granted but the toll was that it had to come out of his body which caused his father to misuse Midori to the point where he almost died and was saved by Seba.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Seba - Seba is Midori's butler as well as his partner, it is revealed that Seba saved Midori from dying as an expense of his wish to help his father with his research and since then Seba has been an faithful companion to Midori.

Yukiya Araki - Yukiya is Midori's enemy since trying to kidnap Haruka and then trying to steal his power to gain infinite control to bring things out of the Ziggurat.

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