"So in that case, it's alright to lie! I don't Care if Yukiya ends up hating me!" ~ Haruka expressing her bottled up emotions to Koyori.

Haruka Tosabori ハルカ トサボリ, also known as Haruka, is Yukiya's childhood friend as well as Yukiya's Partner. It is shown in the series that she has a crush on Yukiya that she has kept hidden. for unknown reasons. Haruka's cheerful and always tries to keep a positive mindset.

Haruka playing with Yukiya as children.

She attempts to help Yukiya with his music video and accepts his invitation into the Ziggurat, unaware he is a Hand Shaker. However, upon entering the Ziggurat, Haruka receives a strange vision.

It is revealed that Haruka retains her memories of the Ziggurat dimension and that she is keeping this a secret from Yukiya due to the fact that she worries that Yukiya keeps protecting her and putting his life on the line.

Koyori comforting Haruka as she reveals how she truly feels about lying to Yukiya

Powers And Abilities[edit | edit source]

Haruka Tosabori as a child

Haruka's Nimrod takes the shape of guitar which she ironically names guitar. she has considerable speed as well as quick reflexes and a high jumping ability inside the Ziggurat. she plays the guitar in the light music club at her school and she wishes to pursue Yukiya in terms of strength so that one day she can protect him.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Haruka and Yukiya professing their love for each other.

Haruka's Nimrod.

Yukiya Araki - Yukiya is Haruka's partners, childhood friends and her crush. they convey their feelings towards each other and finally bond as Hand Shakers in their bout with Seba.

Haruka dealing the finishing blow in her fight with Seba.

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